A small summary about the CoP of Gender Budgeting (GenBUDGET CoP)

The GenBUDGET CoP is supported by the Horizon 2020 project ACT along with six other Communities of Practice (CoPs). The ACT project aims at accelerating gender equality and institutional change in research and innovation across Europe.

The seed partners in this CoP are experts in Gender Studies at the University of Iceland (UoI). Moreover, as Þorgerður and Finnborg took part in the GARCIA project in 2014-2017, with responsibilities on the work package on gender budgeting, the CoP builds on considerable knowledge about gender budgeting.

The members of the CoP represent 10 organisations all over Europe, including: University of Southern Denmark; University of Iceland; Örebro University (Sweden), West Norway Research Institute; Vilnius University (Lithuania); Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland); RSCI – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain); and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Italy). The CoP members are either experts in Gender Studies or/and have worked in the field of gender equality. However, they are dealing with different issues regarding gender budgeting, e.g. some of them are exploring possible project to work on, others are mapping the situation of their organisation, yet others already have a focus and are starting specific projects. As members of the community, they are able to share knowledge and learn from each other, which is valuable for everyone.

All the CoP members support the objectives, vision & mission of the GenBUDGET CoP which is to build a community that enhances knowledge and develops shared practices on how to challenge gender biases in decision-making in research organisations by the means of Gender Budgeting. Moreover, the CoPs mission is to:
- Develop best practices on GIA, gender impact assessment, of financial and management mechanisms at research organisations.
- Attain deep knowledge on the gendered impact and outcomes of the financial and management mechanisms at research organisations.
- Develop, in collaboration, ways to counteract gendered outcomes of financial and management mechanisms.
- Develop shared knowledge, resources and practices on how to engage effectively in gender budgeting activities.
- Developing knowledge and “how-to” counteract resistances.
- Deepening the knowledge and expertise on how to implement gender budgeting in research organisations.

As part of this work, the CoPs have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which affirms the establishment of the community of PrACTice for collaboration in advancing gender equality in and between Research Performing Organisations and Research Funding Organisations.