The vision of the CoP is to build a community that enhances knowledge and develops shared practices on how to challenge gender biases in decision-making by the means of Gender Budgeting. In the CoP the emphasis will be on the gendered managerial mechanisms through which organisations formulate budgets and allocation of resources. The community learning, knowledge and tasks will revolve around gender budgeting, a relatively new strategy to advance gender equality and efficiency of policy making.

Gender budgeting is a strategy to advance gender equality and efficiency of policy making. It acknowledges that financial decisions, procedures, and processes are not gender neutral or objective technical procedures, but political instruments with gendered implications and consequences. It aims to raise awareness of the different impact of policy and resource allocation and change mechanisms to improve gender biased outcomes.

The CoPs mission is to:
- Develop best practices on GIA, gender impact assessment, of financial and management mechanisms at research organisations.
- Attain deep knowledge on the gendered impact and outcomes of the financial and management mechanisms at research organisations.
- Develop, in collaboration, ways to counteract gendered outcomes of financial and management mechanisms.
- Develop shared knowledge, resources and practices on how to engage effectively in gender budgeting activities.
- Developing knowledge and “how-to” counteract resistances.
- Deepening the knowledge and expertise on how to implement gender budgeting in research organisations.

Date of creation: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Member institutions: 

University of Iceland; University of Southern Denmark; Orebro university; Western Norway Research Institute; Vilniaus universitetas Kauno fakultetas; University of Birmingham; Glasgow Caledonian University; RSCI - Royal College of Suregons in Ireland; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M); Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB)

Thematic coverage: 
Decision making
Contact person: 

Laufey Axelsdóttir (CoP facilitator)
Post-doctoral researcher in gender studies, University of Iceland (laa@hi.is)