Sharing our struggles: Gender Biases and Gender Budgeting in European Universities and Research Institutes during Covid-19

Today the GenBUDGET CoP had its first webinar on gender biases and gender budgeting in research organisations. The webinar is part of GenBUDGETs “Sharing our struggles” webinar series, that has the aim of enhancing the knowledge of gender biases in decision making at RPOs. An important step in the CoPs mission to develop shared gender budgeting practices in order to counteract gendered financial management mechanisms.

Together with presentation on the ACT project, the GenBUDGET community and the CoP’s approach to gender budgeting, we had three really interesting and insightful presentations. Following each presentation, we had a stimulating conversations, but the participation was good, with 21 people attending: 13 CoP members and 8 guests.

First, we had a presentation from the LeTSGEPs members Tindara Addabbo & Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins, discussed “Gender budgeting as lever for structural change in research organisations – the LeTSGEPs project”


Then we had two presentations from CoP members. Maria Teresa Alameda and Daniel Pérez del Prado shared their findings on the “Pay gap at Carlos III University from a gender budgeting perspective”


Finally, Fiona Carmichael, Finnborg S. Steinþórsdóttir and Scott Taylor presented their findings on “Gendered workloads in universities as a feminist issue: A case study of a UK business school”.

Many thanks to all our presenters for their contributions and to Katarina Bååth and Örebro University for technically hosting the webinar.

The Genbudget “Sharing our struggles” webinar series will continue in 2021. We hope to see you then!