The second online meeting: Approaches to gender impact assessment, November 14

Second online meeting discussed the approaches to gender impact assessment.

- We had a guest: Freyja Barkardóttir, a project manager at the City of Reykjavík.
- Daniel Pérez del Prado gave a short presentation in the meeting about the approaches of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
- Brainstorming about gender impact assessment.

The CoP on Gender Budgeting is learning from the City of Reykjavík which has been in the process of implementing gender budgeting. It was great to have Freyja Barkardóttir as a guest in the CoP´s second online meeting to explain the process, and the hindrances and facilitating factors they have met. Since 2018, the City has been using a new tool aiming to make people think about gender impact when they are designing new projects. Thus, to bring out the picture with equality perspective in mind.