Planning the next steps

After a re-energizing summer break the GenBUDGET CoP is ready to continue the work. Due to the development of COVID-19, it was again decided to postpone the meeting in Iceland. It is now planned to take place January 7, 2021, provided that the situation gets better.

The CoP members are planning a webinar in the autumn/winter 2020. This will be a great chance for the CoP members to present their findings to the CoP

Here is the CoP’s agenda for the upcoming months:

September 2020: GenBUDGET video meeting on the next steps

October 2020: CoP video meetings on how to take action.

November 2020: CoP video meeting on the outcomes of the TIP.
Drawing on the lessons learnt how the CoP can make positive changes last and how we can learn from the obstacles encountered?

December 2020: Further elaborations of gender budgeting.
How can the CoP work towards integrating gender into all policy and budgetary decisions developed?