Opportunities created and obstacles encountered

During the CoP’s last two Zoom meetings (November 2020 and January 2021) the CoP has focused on discussing the process and outcome of the TIPs. To ensure effective discussion, we used one of methods in the co-creation toolkit: Future workshop (phase 1 and 2) (https://genbudget.act-on-gender.eu/toolkits/future-workshop).

The November meeting discussed: what are the main opportunities and obstacles you have met in your own organisation? The whiteboard function in Zoom was used to share the experiences:

Oppotunities created:

  • New legislations facilitate this work
  • Building a coalition across academic, e.g. HR
  • Leverage accreditation
  • Location and role within the organisation

Opstacles met:

  • Denied access to data, even aggregated
  • Market model making things worse, especially during pandemic
  • Location and role within the organisation

The January meeting discussed: How can the CoP make use of the opportunities created and learn from the obstacles encountered?

The CoP members think it is significant to overcome the difficulties of data access. However, gender equality work is difficult enough under normal situation, and even more so during the pandemic. In this respect, it is important to create contact with people in different positions was emphasized in the meeting, i.e., gatekeepers. 

The CoP members also believe it is important to learn from the discussions among the CoP members and share experiences, e.g., through the GenBUDGET webinar. It is helpful to see what other CoP members are doing and how they deal with obstacles encountered.