Friday tip

I hope you have had a great job week. Before we go on weekend I would like to give you a tip on a really good resoruce for gender and research: The European Commission´s toolkit on gender in research.

They mean that gender in research means actions both to the participation of women in research and to the gender dimension of the research. So I´f you want to evaluate your research from a gender perspective you should ask yourself two questions: who and what & how.

Who - Are there equal conditions for men and women in research?
What and how - is gender in the research content?

The tool kit is built on a gender-sensitive research cycle with easy instructions of what to think of in every step of the research cycle.

Here is the link to the tool-kit:

Have a really nice weekend! Here in Sweden it´s sunny but cold - actually we had a little bit of snow tonight.

Katarina at Orebro university