Consolidation of the GenBUDGET CoP

Since our face-to-face meeting in January 15 at DESY, Hamburg, the GenBUDGET CoP has been planning a workshop, which was scheduled April 1-3, 2020. Due to the unforeseen circumstances created by the COVID-19, the workshop was cancelled until September 7-9, 2020. However, we had to expand the idea further and the current plan is to:

- Have a meeting in Iceland September 7-9th with CoP members and interested parties as the aim is to expand the CoP.

- Have three CoP meetings, two in April and one in May, as part of consolidation workshop

        o The first one was April 2, 2020.

        o The second meeting is scheduled April 24, 2020.

        o The third meeting will be early May, 2020.

In March, three GenBUDGET members contributed to the #COMMIT2GENDERRING Twitter Campaign for #8M2020, coordinated by the ACT project :

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Univeristy of Southern Denmark

Vilnius Univeristy

Currently, the CoP members are looking at the possibility of utilizing the ACT - GEAM survey tool ( to achieve gender equality objectives. Whether and/or how the survey will be used by the members has not yet been decided. However, the survey is a great tool to support the CoP members cooperation.